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Differences between switches and routers Apr 14, 2017

Switches, also called switched hubs, can be easily understood to connect some computers together to make up a LAN. The difference between routers and switches is obvious, the role is to connect different segments of the network and find the most appropriate path for data transmission, but they are not totally disconnected. The following small compilation uses understandable language to explain the difference between switches and routers.

The difference between routers and switches one: The switch is a network cable, but everyone online is dialing separately, each use their own broadband, everyone has no impact on the Internet. and routers more than the switch a virtual dial-up function, through the same router Internet access to a computer is shared with a broadband account, everyone on the internet to interact.

The difference between routers and switches two: switches work on the relay layer, and switches are addressed based on MAC address. Routers work on the network layer, addressing the IP address, and the router can handle the TCP/IP protocol, and the switches are not available.

The difference between routers and switches three: switches can make it connected to multiple computers to make up LAN, if there is a proxy server can also realize the simultaneous Internet function and LAN all computers are sharing its bandwidth rate, but the switch does not have routers automatically identify the packet send and reach the address function. Routers can automatically identify packets sent and arrive at the address, the router is equivalent to the police on the road, responsible for traffic grooming and pointing to the road.

Differences between routers and switches four: For a few examples, the router is a small post office, on an address (IP), responsible for a place to send and receive (personal computers, a server, so your home to this thing), the switch is the province's large postal center, responsible for the contact by an address to each small place. Simple to say that the router, the switch, just distribution, routing is to find your way to let you surf the Internet, switches are only responsible for the opening of the switch, you are not routed to the network.

The distinction between routers and switches five: Routers provide a Firewall service. Routers only forward packets of specific addresses, not transmitting packets that do not support routing protocols and the transmission of unknown destination network packets, which can prevent broadcast storms.