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Overview of Switches Apr 14, 2017

Switching is according to the communication between the two ends of the information needs, using artificial or equipment automatic completion of the method, the information to be transmitted to meet the requirements of the corresponding route of the technology collectively. Depending on the location of the work, you can divide into the WAN switch and the LAN switch. A wide-area switch is a device that completes the information exchange function in a communication system.

In the computer network system, the concept of exchange is proposed to improve the sharing mode. The Hub hub is a shared device, the hub itself does not recognize the destination address, when a host in the same LAN transmits data to the B host, the packet is transmitted on a hub-based network by broadcasting, by verifying the address information of the header for each terminal to determine whether to receive it. That is, in this way, the network can transmit only one set of data frames on the same time, and try again if collisions occur. This approach is to share network bandwidth. Generally speaking, the ordinary switch is not with the management function, a line of input, other interfaces to the computer can be.