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The role of industrial routers in interconnection networks Apr 14, 2017

An industrial router (Router) is used to connect multiple logically separated networks, the so-called logical network is representing a single network or a subnet. When data is transferred from one subnet to another, it can be accomplished through the routing function of the industrial router. Therefore, the industrial router has the ability to judge the network address and select the IP path. It can establish a flexible connection in a multi-network interconnected environment, and can connect various subnets with completely different data grouping and media access methods, and the industrial wireless router accepts only the information of the source station or other industrial wireless router, which belongs to a network layer interconnection device. It does not care about the hardware devices used by each subnet, but requires software that is consistent with the Network layer protocol.
Industrial 4G Router sub-local router and remote router, the local router is used to connect the network transmission medium, such as fiber optic, coaxial cable, twisted pair; The remote router is used to connect the remote transport media and requires the corresponding device, such as the telephone line to be equipped with a modem, wirelessly to pass the wireless receiver, the transmitter.
The industrial grade 4G router is the main node of the Internet. Routers determine the forwarding of data through routing. The forwarding policy is called routing (routing), which is the origin of the full-network router name (router, redirector). As the hub of interconnection between different networks, the whole Netcom router system constitutes the main thread of Internet based on TCP/IP, and it can also be said that routers constitute the skeleton of the Internet. Its processing speed is one of the main bottlenecks of network communication, and its reliability directly affects the quality of network interconnection. Therefore, in the area network, the area network, and even the entire Internet research field, the router technology is always in the core position, its development course and the direction, becomes the entire internet research a microcosm. On the occasion of the current network infrastructure and information construction in China, this paper probes into the role, position and development direction of industrial LTE router in interconnection network, and has important significance for domestic network technology research, network construction, and clear on the various specious concepts of industrial 3G router and network interconnection in network market.