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What are the management modes of industrial switches? Apr 14, 2017

1. Through the serial port management: The network management switch is accompanied by a serial cable for the use of switches. First of the serial cable at the end of the switch in the serial port, the other end plug in the ordinary computer serial port. Then turn on the switch and the computer. The HyperTerminal program is provided in Windows. Open HyperTerminal, and after you set the connection parameters, you can interact with the switch through the serial cable. This approach does not occupy the bandwidth of the switch, so it is called "out of Management" (out of band).

In this management mode, the switch provides a menu-driven console interface or command-line interface. You can use the TAB key or the arrow keys to move in menus and submenus, press ENTER to perform the appropriate command, or use a dedicated switch management command set management switch. Different brands of Switch command sets are different, even the same brand of switches, and their commands are different. Using menu commands is more convenient to operate.

2. Web Management: Network management switches can be managed through the Web (network browser), but you must assign an IP address to the switch. This IP address is not intended to be used in addition to the management of switches. By default, the switch does not have an IP address, and you must specify an IP address in a serial port or another way to enable this management. When the switch is managed using a Web browser, the switch is equivalent to an Internet server, but the Web page is not stored in the hard disk, but in the nvram of the switch, through the program can upgrade the NVRAM inside the Web program. When an administrator enters the IP address of a switch in a browser, the switch is like a server that passes the Web page to the computer, and it feels like a visit to a Web site. This approach consumes the bandwidth of the switch, so called "in-band management" (in band). If you want to manage the switch, just click on the corresponding function item in the page, and change the switch parameters in the text box or drop-down list. Web Management This way can be done on the LAN, so remote management can be achieved.

3. Through management software: The network management switches follow the SNMP protocol (Simple Network Administration Protocol), and the SNMP protocol is a set of network equipment management norms conforming to international standards. Any device that follows the SNMP protocol can be managed through the network management software. You only need to install a set of SNMP network management software on a network administrator workstation, which can easily manage switches, routers, servers and so on through the LAN. Through the SNMP network management software interface, it is also a kind of in-band management.