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Wireless Router Purchasing Considerations Apr 14, 2017

The router has already entered the tens of millions of households, you don't look at it small, but it undertakes the need for many families to surf the internet. What do you want to pay attention to? Although the market is sold in the majority of the wireless router genuine, but does not exclude some businesses using refurbished and defective goods, today we will chat about wireless router shopping attention.

First, pay attention to brand effect
A brand to a large extent determines the product design and workmanship, wireless router products are no exception. Good brands include the product's excellent quality as well as good after-sales service, but also consumers to buy products, the most focus on the point, I need to remind everyone here, do not buy some small factory production products, after all the uneven quality of products, and can not provide a stable after-sales service.
Of course, each brand of products also have good or bad points, we recommend that you try to choose the mainstream level of products, reputation and product quality are more mature, try not to be too cheap.

Second, do not blindly believe that the router antenna more better
In this absence of WiFi to live in the afternoon, the emergence of routers let everyone in the processing of a broadband at the same time can enjoy the family free wireless signal, but sometimes the face of large or complex huxing to the effect of WiFi coverage is not very satisfactory.
However, when you want to change your no-line by the time, many merchants will vigorously recommend users to buy multi-antenna router products, the reason is fairly simple, the more antennas the better the signal. I believe that under the induction of this theory, I am afraid that many households will be fooled, in turn to buy actually not very practical high-priced products.

In fact, this is a very common misunderstanding. The number of router antennas is not a decisive factor affecting Wi-Fi coverage. Specifically, the router's parameters are viewed.