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Application Of Industrial Ethernet Switch In Highway Tunnel Monitoring System Apr 14, 2017

With the development of Traffic road, as an important link-the number of tunnels is increasing, the construction of reliable, stable, advanced and economical tunnel monitoring system has become a trend. Tunnel monitoring system can be divided into: lighting system, ventilation system, traffic induction system, CCTV system, fire alarm system, fire control system, emergency telephone system, broadcasting system, etc.
The communication network of the tunnel monitoring system is the key to ensure the system can run efficiently. The emergence of long tunnels, special tunnels and tunnel groups has been increasing, and the number of regional controllers in the single hole increases with the increasing of network nodes. Communication network needs to have a high communication rate to ensure the efficient transmission of large quantities of data, high fault tolerance to improve communication reliability, that is, the network failure can achieve self recovery, and the equipment that constitutes communications network must meet industrial requirements to adapt to the harsh working environment in tunnels. The system also needs to have very good scalability, so that the equipment update and increase, function improvement and change, can maximize the application of the original system. Tunnel monitoring environment is relatively special, the tunnel is very important to lightning protection, tunnel control box often encounter damp intrusion, and some plateau tunnels face cold and low air density, especially the large tunnel, car smoke is very easy to attach to the bad seal in the control box equipment, these soot has a certain conductivity, causing the controller and other equipment early failure or damage.