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Basic Principle Of Purchasing Router Apr 14, 2017

Cost savings: The current general broadband router because of fierce price competition, typical equipment at the millennium level, the low-end a little even as long as one thousand or two thousand, the high-end tens of thousands of yuan. High price ratio is the primary consideration.

Stable and reliable: the stability and reliability of routers is the key to the stability and reliability of the whole network. Enterprise Broadband router needs in the software structure design, power design, ventilation and heat dissipation design, structure robustness and so on all aspects of the enterprise specially designed to ensure the stability and reliability of the router.

High speed and efficiency: Routers are the only way to the Internet, if the performance is insufficient, it will become the bottleneck of data transmission of the whole network, causing blockage or delay of network.

Security protection: Information security is another important issue that the enterprise network has to consider. Viruses and hackers invade the damage, internal employees leaking company secrets, employees in the working hours and indulge in the network and so on. These require firewall control. The firewall function of the enterprise broadband router is more perfect, can satisfy the enterprise request, and often in the internal network, the internal staff's access rights and content, the time control has the strong characteristic.

Easy to operate: The function is stronger but use is simple, is the current product development trend. In particular, for the lack of professional network technical personnel of SMEs, network equipment to ease of use more attention. Broadband routers need to be easy to install, easy to configure, easy to manage, easy to use, user-friendly interface and easy to understand, do not require professionals can also use and good for the design goals.

Scalability: Scalability is also important in addition to performance, security, and manipulation. Because a small and medium-sized enterprise should focus on future development, the current equipment can be used as the hardware for extending the network, not idle or discarded