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Considerations For The Use Of Industrial Ethernet Switches Apr 14, 2017

The carrier-interception multiplexing collision detection for ordinary Ethernet is poor in real time, and can not fully adapt to the real time requirement of industrial field, and in view of this situation, the industrial Ethernet switches are developed for real-time Ethernet data transmission in complex industrial environment. The industrial Ethernet switch adopts storage and forwarding exchange, and improves the speed of Ethernet communication, and the built-in intelligent alarm design monitors the network operation, so it can guarantee the reliable and stable operation of Ethernet in the harsh and dangerous industrial environment. Industrial site environment for a variety of reasons, in the use of industrial Ethernet switches to pay attention to what matters?
For industrial Ethernet networks, the most important expense is not the component of building the network, but the design, installation, and maintenance parts. In today's information age, the application of industrial Ethernet more and more, we should promptly and accurately identify the fault, and to exclude it, the communication equipment must be classified and overhaul of the fault.
Breakdown classification
The fault nature is divided into software faults and hardware failures.
Soft fault is a malfunction caused by a software system error. Common soft faults are program error, virus damage, operation error, and set errors and blind operation.
Hard faults are the physical damage of equipment hardware: one is man-made and environmental reasons, such as bad environment, poor power supply, electrostatic damage or violation of the operating rules and other reasons; the second is the electrical components, such as components, contact plug-ins, printed circuit damage caused.
In industry, a dedicated industrial Ethernet switch is typically used to define different too-grid priorities, allowing users to want the information to be delivered at the fastest speed. Here are some things to note about using industrial Ethernet switches:
(1) Do not put the equipment in the near water or damp place;
(2) Do not put anything on the power cable and put it in a place where it is not touched;
(3) In order to avoid fire, do not tie the cable or wrap;
(4) Power connector and other equipment connectors need to be firmly connected, and often check the soundness of the line;
(5) Keep the fiber socket and plug cleaning, equipment, do not look straight into the cross-section of the fiber;
(6) To pay attention to the equipment clean, when necessary can be wiped with cotton cloth;
(7) The equipment failure, for the sake of safety do not repair oneself.