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Differences Between Industrial Ethernet Switches And Common Switches Apr 14, 2017

Industrial Ethernet switch, which is used in industrial control field Ethernet switching equipment, because of the network standard its open good, widely used; can adapt to low temperature, electromagnetic interference, salt fog, strong anti-seismic. Using a transparent and unified TCP/IP protocol, Ethernet has become the main communication standard in the field of industrial control.

The distinction between industrial Ethernet switches and ordinary switches is mainly embodied in function and performance.

The difference in function mainly refers to: industrial Ethernet switches in function with industrial network communication closer, such as with a variety of fieldbus interconnection, equipment redundancy and real-time equipment, and the performance of the difference is mainly reflected in the adaptation of the external environment parameters. Industrial environment In addition to many such as: coal mines, ships and other particularly harsh environment, but also in EMC (Electromagnetic compatibility), temperature, humidity and dust-proof and so on have special requirements environment. The temperature has the widest influence on the industrial network equipment.