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Network Security Scenarios Apr 14, 2017

I. Overall network topology
With the rapid development and widespread application of information technology, the demand for enterprise application service is increasing, which requires enterprises to follow the following principles when establishing network: High availability, high security, scalability, manageability, and advanced nature.
II. Internet access
Using router as the gateway of communication platform, to meet the needs of high-speed Internet users, the protection of the internal and external network conversion of high-speed unobstructed, effective network docking operators.
Model such as: Cisco2900, Huawei AR1220, H3C ER5200 etc.
III. Security and stability of the network
1, the use of firewalls to protect the network to increase the security of the network.
Models such as: Cisco ASA5500, Huawei USG2200, H3C F100, etc.
2, the use of Internet behavior management equipment, the user to optimize the Internet resources, while internal network security testing to ensure the security of the network.
Model such as: Net Kang NI3000, deep convinced AC1600 and so on.
3, the core switch adopts dual mechanism, which can effectively avoid unnecessary loss caused by equipment malfunction, greatly increase the stability of the network.
IV. Manageability and scalability of the network
Selected equipment as far as possible to use the same factory products, to achieve unified management purposes, so that network integration and classification management more simplified.
Equipment selection, should choose to configure a slightly higher model, to meet future potential network expansion needs.