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The Distinction Between Special Industrial Switches And Common Switches Apr 14, 2017

When the network technology is introduced into the network monitoring system, the front-end network cameras and back-end NVR are well suited to the security monitoring industry needs, some engineers in order to overcome the possible electromagnetic compatibility and temperature and other problems, the direct use of security monitoring dedicated industrial switches. So where is the difference between a dedicated industrial switch and a common switch?
Security Monitoring special switches support two redundant power supply design, 4pin pluggable terminals, support 12~36V wide voltage input, AC/DC general, at the same time provide power supply anti-protection and over-voltage, under pressure protection, greatly enhance the stability of product work; conform to industrial grade standardization design requirements, the shell adopts galvanized steel sheet, achieves IP30 protection grade, has ultra strong waterproof and dustproof ability;-40 ℃ ~75 ℃ working temperature,-40 storage temperature, Operating safely under extreme weather conditions.
The common switch data exchange efficiency is low, the video data forwarding efficiency is low, and has the network storm, causes the picture loses frame the risk; the circuit design adopts the single board layout, so that the product work is not guaranteed; the design of the general switch can only be within 80 meters-100 meters range.
Cost-effective security-specific industrial switches, the price is similar to the ordinary network switches, can better meet the various needs of security monitoring.